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Home and Shelter


As part of our humanitarian projects Meduni provided post war humanitarian aid to 40 families with shelter, food and essential supplies. Under the patronage of Hayk Avetisyan and LA Armenian communities we provided housing to 15 families that lost their family members during the 44 day war. 

  • Raised nearly $500,000 in 2020 and provided different humanitarian and healthcare assistance to displaced families and underserved communities in Armenia and the United States. 

  • Provided food and essential supplies to displaced families in Armenia and Artsakh.

  • Housing Program that gave home to 15 families that heroically lost their lives during 44 day war

  • Delivered essential food and supplies directly to the beneficiaries by Meduni Armenia branch staff members. 

  • In collaboration with St. Mary’s Apostolic Church delivered food and essential supplies to underserved communities in Langley Park residents in the state of Maryland, USA.  


Our goal is to equip Armenia with modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities and provide access to affordable medication and treatment solutions. 

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