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Who We Are

Our mission is to provide assistance to individuals and healthcare organizations to improve quality of care with predominant focus on oncology.  

Our goal is develop and sustain evidence based healthcare initiatives that can deliver longterm positive changes, improve the quality of care, and reduce cancer mortality rates in Armenia. Meduni has a deeply entrenched culture of transparency and inclusion, which connects people and organizations that nurture a deep connection with local communities. We believe in power of action, unity and collaboration to make a bigger impact for those in dire need. With help of local partners we design and support projects that include advanced educational programs and trainings for healthcare professionals and youth. 
Meduni has initiated and assisted dozens of successful projects, supported local communities and NGOs, assisted families in need, raised awareness and collaborated with local stakeholders in the US and Armenia to achieve our goals. To learn more about or projects click Repots.

In November 2019 we established our presence in Armenia to make a bigger impact and directly assist families, hospitals, and organizations. Since then we’ve been directly involved with local communities and stakeholders to provide ultimate longterm solutions in healthcare and humanitarian sectors. 

Vaughn Martirosyan

Founder and Executive Director of Meduni UMSI

2021-Tigran-Headshot 2.jpg

Tigran Muradyan

Board Director

Rouzanna Oganissian

Board Director, Fundraising Committee Executive: Vice President of Business Banking at Capital Bank, Fiduciary Banking Specialist 


Dr. Samir Khleif

Advisory Board Director, CEO of Evercare Global Cancer Centers and Director of the Global Cancer Research and Impact Institute 

Dr. Gennaro LaBella

Board Director, Training program Executive, Colorectal Surgeon at

Good Samaritan Hospital


Zareh Zurabyan

Medical Equipemnt and Supply Office
Director of eLabNext, Americas division of Eppendorf

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Dr. Gagik Bazikyan

Board Director, Hospice and Palliative Care Program Executive, Vice President of

National Oncology Center of Armenia and Former Chief Oncologist of Armenia 

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Tadeh Issakhanian

Outreach and Affairs OfficerForeign
Supply Chain Network Operations Specialist, Manger at Deloitt

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Rateb Rabie

Advisory Board Director, Social Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Holy Land

Christian Ecumenical Foundation 


Bagrat Bayburtian 

Board Director, Senior Technology and Product Executive at Deloitte, Managing Director of Deloitte Transactions & Business Analytics

Dee Vartabedian Rogers

Marketing and Business Development Advisor

Dee and Boys.JPG

Christian Walker

Board Director, Budget and Fundraising Executive, Innovative Senior Management

Executive in Life Science and Regenerative Medicine 

Dr. Gevorg Tamamyan

Board Director, Pediatric Cancer Program Executive, Chief Pediatric Oncologist of Armenia, Professor at YSMU and Co-Founder of City of Smile 


Armen Aboulian

Colorectal Cancer Screening and Training Officer 
Doctor of Medicine  at Kaiser Permanent

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