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Diagnostic Equipment 

The fact that the entire country of Armenia does not have a proper diagnostic and treatment capabilities is heartbreaking. Every year thousands of patients are diagnosed with cancer using outdated systems. Most patients are sent to neighboring countries for more advanced screening and treatment options.

Our goal is to equip Armenia with modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities and provide access to affordable medication and treatment solutions

Meduni continues to focus on a goal to improve Armenia's healthcare by providing modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities. The Meduni 20-bed state-of-art facility will be equipped with a full range of modern equipment and technologies, some of which will initially be unique or rare in Armenia and the surrounding region.

Diagnostic equipment will include but not be limited to:

  • Electronic Record Management System for Patient Databases

  • Computers

  • Blood Pressure Apparatus 

  • ECG Machines 

  • Glucometers 

  • IV Poles

  • PET Scan 

  • Mammograms 

  • Sonograms 

  • Open MRI 

  • Radiotherapy Accelerator 

  • Blood Banks and Blood Products 

  • Pathology Labs

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