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Education and Training


Delivery of quality care is profoundly affected by poorly educated medical professionals, especially in rural regions of Armenia. The absence of a mandatory continuous education system for medical professionals impedes the crucial ability to keep up to date on the ever-changing discoveries in the fast developing healthcare industry. Meduni UMSI recognizes the importance of continuing medical education and currently developing different programs and incentives. Thus we travel to Armenia every year to teach more medical professionals and increase standard of care. This year we invited over 120 medical professionals from different healthcare institutions to participate in our training program.

  • Training of colorectal surgeons at National Oncology Center of Armenia of the first ever total laparoscopic proctectomy with coloanal anastomosis in republic of Armenia 

  • Training of medical management of inflammatory bowel disease, and surgical management of small and large intestines.

  • Laparoscopic surgical treatments of colon cancer using 

  • In-person training of Armenia’s healthcare professionals in collaboration with diaspora leading physicians from around the world. 

  • Under the patronage of Dr. Gennaro LaBella and Dr. Armen Aboulian, provided free surgeries for individuals battling colon cancer. 

  • Supported sponsorship of qualified individuals for Post-Doc & Internship programs in leading institutions in the United States.

  • Medical conference on colorectal cancer on August 27th and September 10th at YCMU 


Our goal is to equip Armenia with modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities and provide access to affordable medication and treatment solutions. 

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