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Donation of food and essential needs


“According to Emergency Preparedness Specialist Netta Squires of the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Meduni offered to donate valuable durable medical equipment very early in the health crisis-before the County itself was set up to receive such donations. The County coordinated with Meduni to donate the initial batch of equipment directly to area hospitals, including Holy Cross.

“It might sound easy to donate a ventilator,” said Ms. Squires, “but it is not. And We thank them very, very much”

  • Provided free covid19 testing sights in underserved communities of Montgomery County MD 

  • Donated durable medical equipment to local hospitals in state of Maryland to fight against COVID19 outbreak, including hospital beds, ventilators, respirators, patient monitors, PPE supplies etc.

  • Delivered food and medical essentials to 50 families in underserved communities of Montgomery County in collaboration with Audelia Community Reach and St’ Mary Apostolic Church.

  • Donated thousands of PPE supplies to local Community Centers, Churches, and NGOs including Montgomery County, YMCA, St. Mary Apostolic Church, Soorp Khach Church, Audelia Community Reach and others.

  • Collaborated with federal, state and local government agencies, including US Homeland Security, FEMA, MEMA, and Montgomery County, to deliver healthcare supplies to needed hospitals and healthcare centers during the outbreak.


Our goal is to equip Armenia with modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities and provide access to affordable medication and treatment solutions. 

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