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Diagnostic and Surgical Equipment Donated to Hospitals

Meduni UMSI team of experts is a network of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who work tirelessly with compassionate purpose. In collaboration with the country’s leading physicians, Armenian government, local NGOs and foundations, we aim to address various and urgent concerns in the healthcare sector of Armenia. 
After conducting in-depth research and needs assessment analysis of the healthcare system of Armenia, we have strategically prioritized our project goals based on the level of urgency and impact.

Armenia's healthcare challenges are:

  • Lack of modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities 

  • High cost of care with minimal social support mechanism 

  • Scarcity of standardized treatment protocols 

  • Opportunities for continuing medical education

  • Deficiencies in modern technology

  • Limited access to quality medication

In October 2019, Meduni Charitable Foundation donated advanced surgical equipment and supplies to Fanarjyan National Center of Oncology in Armenia. Vaughn Martirosyan, Executive Director of Meduni UMSI, and Dr. Gennaro D. LaBella, Board Director, visited Armenia to ensure proper training and proper utilization of the equipment. Moreover, to provide free surgeries for qualified patients everyday throughout their visit. 

The laparoscopic method is not new in Armenia, although to date no laparoscopic surgeries of the gastrointestinal tract or any colon cancer had been performed in Armenia. Dr. Gennaro D. LaBella is one of the top colorectal surgeons in Cincinnati, OH, USA. He provided the exchange of knowledge and skilled experience of alike professionals which is critically important, especially for our new generation of doctors. 

Meduni UMSI aims to implement a program to donate more medical equipment to Armenia’s hospitals including Surb Maryam Children’s Hospital, Fanarjyan National Oncology Center and Gyumri Medical Center. Within the framework of the program, American doctors will arrive in Armenia to share their experience with Armenian specialists and provide full training using the donated equipment.


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Our goal is to equip Armenia with modern diagnostic and treatment capabilities and provide access to affordable medication and treatment solutions. 

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