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Armenia’s Cancer Rate Has Increased 70% In Two Decades

Armen Tananyan, Armenia’s Health Ministry's chief specialist, reported in September 2018 that there has been a significant increase in oncological diseases over the past 20 years. That increase of 70% is accompanied by an extremely high mortality rate, primarily due to the late diagnosis.

Delivering the news in a speech at Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU), Tananyan shared that nearly half of cancers diagnosed in Armenia are discovered during their third or fourth stage. That’s a troubling statistic and all the more important it was for Tananyan to share at a conference held to discuss modern methods of treatment and diagnosis of cancer.

Clearly, the topic is one of urgency given the statistics. According to Tananyan, there was some good news to announce, however. He pointed to the fact that survivors of cancer number around 40,000 who are registered as such in the Armenia. European professors who attended offered their knowledge and experience while also recognizing achievements in the field of oncology.



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