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Meet Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. John Mumm

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree from Menlo College, John received MS from Stanford University and both an MS and a Ph.D. from MD Anderson Cancer Center, where he made his first discovery that IL-10 directly activates anti-tumor CD8+ T cells. His compassion for science has grown since. He continued his journey to make a significant impact in oncology, most notably as a Scientist at Schering Plough, where he developed PEGylated IL-10 as an immunobiology asset—and autoimmune diseases.

John Mumm, Ph.D., has spent 25+ years in the biopharmaceutical industry researching and developing various therapies with a mission to help patients fight devastating diseases such as cancer. Technologies associated with IL-10. His work experience includes leadership roles at Anergen, Introgen Therapeutics, Bacterial BarCodes, Schering-Plough, Merck, Targenics, ARMO BioSciences, and AstraZeneca. As a founder of ARMO, he successfully out-licensed and developed the PEGylated IL-10 asset, ACIR BioSciences, which Eli Lilly subsequently acquired in 2018 for $1.6B, and AstraZeneca. John’s career has been dedicated to discovering and developing effective therapies primary focus has been on discovery research at the interface between cancer biology and the adaptive immune response.

In 2018, John Mumm, Ph.D., and Pavel Khrimian co-founded another biotechnology startup, Deka Biosciences, a science organization, to radically change patient outcomes by developing personalized treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases with a precision medicine strategy. Deka is an organization that aims to develop novel therapies that will dramatically change the standard of care for cancer and a revolutionary drug that can make a significant impact on arguably any type of cancer or autoimmune disease by creating a targeted system that will regulate the immune system, thus delivering life-saving solutions for millions of people worldwide, as Deka’s mission suggests, “no patient is left behind.”


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